Why invest in us?

The Highgate Tech Fund Team is a group of successful technology entrepreneurs who have founded and grown many tech businesses


  • We charge no fees to investors, 100% of your cash is invested
  • We are business builders with a track record of exits via M&A and IPO's
  • We are here to invest and actively participate in exciting companies, helping them to grow and prosper
  • We are here to offer you a diversified portfolio of tech companies, aiming to provide you with a greater return
  • We are investing our own cash in this fund

Please download our brochure today and find out how you can both gain significant tax benefits under the EIS scheme and participate in investing in the sector which we believe is leading Britain out of the recession.

Highgate Tech Fund LLP is a member of the EIS Association

 Member of the EIS Association


Welcome to an Award Winning Investor Fee Free EIS Fund

Dear Investor
Welcome to Highgate Tech Fund 3, the uniquely investor fee free EIS fund. It is two years since Fund 1 was launched. In this time we have successfully closed two funds and invested your and our money in some great Tech businesses that continue to grow and thrive.
We are sticking with our original premise, and what we believe to be the true ethos of EIS, to invest in the very best of UK Tech businesses (we have been approached by over 1000 since we started Fund 1). We use our own tech sector expertise to select the cream and once invested, we help those companies to succeed
Andrew Muir
The Tech sector continues to grow despite the long deep recession this country is experiencing and in many ways is driving an increase in strong innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. We are seeing a definite increase in the numbers of acquisitions particularly by large US Tech businesses like Google, Facebook and the more traditional players IBM, Oracle & Microsoft. All are buying British Tech businesses with great IP and growth opportunity. It is in these businesses that we invest. Tech continues to deliver good multiples and we expect no less for our Investee businesses.
What we do know, and this hasn’t changed, is that we are investing as much in the people as the technologies that they have invented. Of course the products need to have great IP and be in high growth sectors but we only want to work with people who have real drive and commitment, understand what it takes to build and grow early stage businesses and have a clear vision of what and when the exit strategies are. We can & do help these people to succeed by being active members of the team, by sharing our years of experience and by providing them with a network of partners and channels to grow their businesses successfully.
As with our previous funds, the management team continues to invest our money in the fund. We won’t take any fees from investors at all, so 100% of your money is invested in quality companies and you receive 100% of the tax benefits. We only make any money when the companies exit and after we have paid you 6% annualised, then we share the profits 25/75%. This we believe ensures that our interests are aligned completely with yours – unique in this market .
We invite you to join a growing community of people who have trusted their money to the Highgate Tech Fund. A fund that supports the growth of British tech businesses and a sector that in, which we personally believe in, and has made us successful.
Yours sincerely

Andrew Muir
Chairman, Highgate Tech Fund LLP


Highgate Tech Fund 3 - opened 1st May 2012, closing 31 May 2013 Download here

Highgate Tech Fund 2 - closed 5th April 2012

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